Welcome to Love Thy Light Candles, Luxury Hand poured Ecosoya wax scented candles with a wooden wick

Luxury Handmade Small Scented Tin Candles

Here we have a beautiful range of scented candles, all handmade in the UK with EcoSoya wax with a wooden wick.

Our luxury handmade tin candles are made in small batches to keep our quality at its highest.

Our small tin candle holds 100g of Ecosoya wax and will burn for up to 25 hours with an amazing scent throw.

We use Ecosoya wax which burns cooler and for longer giving you a longer burn time.

Ecosoya wax is 100% Eco-friendly with no toxins. We also use a wood wick which crackles slightly like a wood fire so it's very relaxing to listen to.

Our Tin candles have an amazing scent throw which we test constantly to make sure you are receiving a high end finished product.

Our scented candles make beautiful gift candles for any occasion.

Enjoy the cosiness of biodegradable Eco Soy while doing something good for yourself and the environment.

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