Welcome to Love Thy Light Candles, Luxury Hand poured Ecosoya wax scented candles with a wooden wick

Luxury Handmade Clamshell scented wax melts

Our beautiful scented clamshell wax melt pack is highly scented.

All our clamshell wax melts are all handmade and hand poured with Ecosoya wax and fragrance oils.
Did you know that if you have a log fire stove you can just place them in a fireproof bowl on top of your stove? The heat will release their scent perfectly and no tealights needed

They are Long lasting, high quality and weigh 80g each.
We have an extensive fragrance range with new scents being added regularly 
As with all our candles and wax melts please keep them out of reach of children and animals at all times.
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